When You’re Okay and Everyone Else is Not

When You’re Okay and Everyone Else is Not.

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Eric Standley

from boredpanda.com, it’s the beautiful work of Eric Standley.

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Playing with Color

i bought two dresses/overdresses that were white. i decided to dye them so i’d wear them more often, since white has never been a friendly color for me. i’m too much of a mess.

the first white piece is linen. i dyed it an olive green. it’s really quite rich as the linen absorbed the color beautifully. here it is -

close up

close up

view when wet

full view

and here’s the other one.  it’s cotton. i dyed it with tea bags. about 30 bags. both pieces were dyed in a large pot on the range -


close up

full view

full view

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Claire Basler

this is soooo worth reposting. Claire Basler seems to be living in her art. what an exquisite life.


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Paradox is the Point of Power

“it’s not this OR that,

it’s this AND that.



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Beyond the Ordinary

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“Valentino” December 1998 – October 2014

our precious Valentino, “Tino” or “Mr Winchester,” died on October 11, 2014. he was sweet, funny to the end, obnoxious and a real lover. his name couldn’t have been more suited to who he was. he was happiest on someones lap or sleeping next to them.


puppy Tino

puppy Tino


puppy Tino










i miss him every single day.  the house is so quiet now, there’s no little guy to take care of, to make sure he’s comfortable and free of distress. he couldn’t see you until you were a few inches away and his tail would wag for a second or two, after he flinched from the surprise.

his body may be gone, but his consciousness has become one with the universe and i hope to meet him again one day. the vessel that was Valentino is buried under our pear tree and i say good morning and remember him each day, looking out at the tree from our kitchen window. next year we will have and enjoy Valentino pears.

we have so many pictures of him it’s ridiculous. here are just a few.

IMG_1372IMG_1652IMG_5874 - Version 2IMG_8925photo-20IMG_7034IMG_5607








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